Batch Processing Mono to Stereo

I have a bunch of mono voice recordings that need to be processed with stereo plugins. Wavelab offers an easy multi-pass plugin to downmix stereo to mono, but I can’t seem to find a way to have the batch processing utility upmix mono to stereo as a processing step OR enforce a stereo output due to the stereo plugins in the chain.

Am I missing something with master section configuration, audio device or other implicit setting that may be disabling this? Or do I need to look to other software to do a pre-processing pass solely converting mono to stereo?

I have thousands of files to process which is why I’m not doing the mono to stereo conversion using normal editing features. Would love to keep this in wavelab if possible, but I’m getting the impression that Wavelab can’t handle this simple operation.

Support considers this question “tutorialization” so they would not offer any information or confirmation on this just not being a feature.

The trick is to use this plugin with this setting:


Thank you for replying,

In this case I actually don’t want to apply any widening of the image. The blocker I’m hitting is that I can’t tell wavelab to force a stereo operation so any stereo effects get summed down to mono during the batch operation.

If I start with a stereo file everything works as expected. But what I can’t seem to find easily is other batch program alternatives that can convert mono to dual-mono/stereo, or an ability to tell wavelab to process mono source as a stereo operation.

With the 0% setting, you get 2 mono channels. You can verify this with the Phasescope.
Therefore, you can use this plugin at the head, then process through your stereo plugins,
then as the end of the chain, whether mix to mono or keep only the left or right channel, to write the file.

BTW, there is also this plugin that you can use, to convert mono to stereo: