Batch processing: Montage>Master File>Basic CD>CD Report


There are times that I need to create master audio cd’s of events that span over the duration of a week. There can be anywhere from 20 - 35 recordings that need to be mastered quickly by one person… me. What I need to find out is if there’s a workflow such as this: (Mac version)

I’ll skip to the workflow that I need…

Once I have created and edited audio montages that have master sections saved to them individually as well as all of the cd tracks etc., I perform a batch process that creates master audio files from the montages. I’d like to find out if the following is possible within the current version of WaveLab 7 to add to my current batch processing chain:

  • create basic audio cd files in the source location
  • create PDF cd reports in the source location

These two things would save me hours, and seem easy enough to automate.

I can get in to as much detail as needed, let me know what you need. Thanks for your time.

Why do you need basic audio cd files if you have a final montage from which you can burn directly?

  • Moving from machine to machine and archiving: You are now relying on each machine to have whatever plugins of whichever versions running on any machine they might be opened on.

  • Consistency: See above. Automatically saving the .cd file as stated in my original post welcomes consistency and saves time and potential mistakes from having to search for the master rendered file every time. When you have dozens of events to record and master and you’re working with others this helps a great deal.

  • Working with others: See above.

  • Post Production Workflow: We generally create three different top level folders when recording and mastering conferences. Originals, Work, and Masters. The Originals folder has all of the original recordings (organized by subfolders etc.), which are copied to the work folder, edited and mastered. The Masters folder hold all masters (wavelab masters wave files, .cd, cd reports etc.) moved from the work folder. In this way if we absolutely need space years down the road, we can erase the work folder and regain it for future use while still retaining the originals and masters.