Batch Processing of WAV Meta-data possible?

OK - I’m going to admit defeat on this one :wink:

I have several folders full of WAV files I’ve created over the last few months whose standard WAV file meta-data tags I want to change, so that they display my name as both Artist and Engineer, and my web site in the copyright field.

I know I can enter this meta-data manually (using the Shift-A shortcut or via the Edit\File Attributes function), but I can’t find a way to modify this data en masse using the Batch Processor.

Is it possible to do this, or is post going to become another feature request for Philippe? :laughing:

Or does anyone know of any other simple PC-based utility that will perform this task? :mrgreen:


This depends what you want to set. If this is the same info in all files, there is an easy batch solution…

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for replying :sunglasses:

Yes, I need to strip out any existing metadata and replace with identical new metadata across all files in particular folders. It may be an easy batch solution for you, but I still can’t work out how to do it :wink:

Batch conversion from one audio format to another yes, Batch processing using a string of Monopass, Multipass or Metapass plug-ins yes, Batch file renaming yes, but how can I change metadata in audio file headers using batch functions then? :confused:


Doh :blush:

I’ve finally worked out how to do it - by creating a new ‘Audio File Format’ preset with its ‘Attributes’ pre-edited with my desired content (but with Channels set to ‘Match input stream’, Sample Rate set to ‘Match input stream’ and Bit resolution set to ‘Match source file’), and then using this as the output Format in a normal Batch Process.

Hope this helps someone else :laughing:


Famous last words - yes, I’ve managed to add my desired metadata (Engineer, Copyright & Artist) to an entire group of WAV files in sub-folders grouped inside a single main folder, and it works :sunglasses:

…except that:

  1. These changes are ignored by any of the files that already have any of these tags in place with different information. How can I force my new data to take in ALL files? :cry:

  2. However many times I ‘untick’ the Creation date box it insists on adding this data to each file, but with a date of 01-01-2000. Even if I tick the Creation date box and on the little clock to force today’s date to appear alongside and batch convert the files again, my files still contain the same metadata . I suspect this is because once again, once written, the 01-01-2000 date can’t be overwritten by WL.



So it’s not possible to do this then? :wink:

Has no-one ever needed to batch change metatags before :astonished:


Will check on tomorrow…

Thanks Philippe!

In the meantime, I’ve found that Windows users can perform this task fairly easily with the free version of MediaMonkey (it offers a host of other features, but you can also use it to alter existing and non-existing Meta-data easily en masse :sunglasses: ):


Martin, you have pinpointed some problems:

  1. the date thing is actually a bug
  2. the meta-data processing in batch context has a design flaw: there should be an option “keep original” vs “replace with new”

Something I wish to do for next version.


Sorry to add to your list of things to do, but thanks for adding this to your list of things to do :smiley:

By the way, the Audio Broadcast Extension date also has a tendency to add itself to amended meta-data, whether you ask it to or not :wink:


Scrub that - the next time I loaded in these samples I discovered a large ‘click’ at the end of each one after the MediaMonkey meta-data manipulations. Good job I took a backup immediately before the changes, so I could reverse them :unamused:

I’m waiting for Philippe to do the job properly in WL7 now :wink:


Sorry to bump an old thread but I was searching for information on batch editing metadata.

This might be useful, BWF MetaEdit. It does what you’d think something called BWF MetaEdit does.

It loads and edits BWF Metatdata. It does it without opening the soundfile and you can view/edit an entire folder of files (viewed in a table). You can also, import/export and create an embedded checksum on just the audio data in the file, so that changing metadata won’t invalidate the checksum.

In the meantime, it’d be great to see metadata features greatly enhanced in the next release of WL.