Batch processing without having to open Wavelab

For a radio station with a lot of volunteers I would like to set up a simple “preprocessing” method that doesn’t require any knowledge of audio processing. The audio files will be mono interviews done with handheld equipment. All the equipment will be the same so some uniform processing should be possible (eg low cut, some eq and loudness normalize).

What I would like to achieve is batch processing without having to open Wavelab - The user should just need to drag and drop the audio file on top of an icon to make the pre defined processing take place. Is this doable with Wavelab? If not, suggestions of steps inside Wavelab or other tools that can help me out are welcome?

Thanks /Johan

This is not exactly possible, but almost yes. Indeed, the batch processor has a mode “auto start on dropping file”.
So you just need to setup the right batch processor once. Then run WaveLab and just drop your files over the batch processor. period.