Batch Processor crashes with Waves plugin

I’m trying to run a Batch Process which uses Waves C1 plugin on several thousand files, and Wavelab crashes every time UNLESS I choose ‘1 task’ as processor usage.

I’ve run a couple of other processes, not using Waves plugins, and using all cores, and not had a problem. So I assume it’s something to do with Waves. Am using Waves v9.6 (latest) VST3.

Maybe Waves plugins are not friend with heavy multitasking. Can you pass me a crash dump?

Sure, where do I find a crash dump ?

On Windows I guess?..

  • Click on the File Tab
  • Now press Alternate and click on the Preferences button
  • Now press Alternate and click on the Global button
  • You can now see a tab called “Diagnostics”, at the right side.
    Click on it. then at the bottom of the page, check the button “Enable Crash Report”.

Now restart WaveLab. Then do the procedure that causes the problem you experiment.
This will create a crash log that is usable.

But where (in Windows) do I find the crash report to send to you ?

When the problem happens, a dialog pops up, and there is a “Submit” button.

I’m not seeing that, but have found the zip file - what’s the email address to send to. Its too big to upload here.