Batch Processor Cut Head Tail


I have a lot of files that need to be trimmed (head + tail).

I have tried the auto-split function with success, but I need to be able to specify the amount of trimming in more detail, for example to leave 50ms before start and 150ms at the tail.

I thought this would be managable through the trimmer plugin in the batch processor, but this is not how the trimmer plugin works.

So, I have a feature request for batch trimming files; with pre-set amount of pre/post times !

If for example the trimmer plugin could be updated with the auto-split function to cut head tail + set amount of silence to be left before/after the sound that would be perfect! It would be great to use the batch processor, and store as preset.

Best Wishes

What about using this plugin in the batch processor?

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Thank you for the quick reply!
The Silence-plug can absolutely be a good way to insert a head and tail silence of specified time!
Thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

I missed that plug, and it´s under “Special” in the “Master” section - I looked in the “Mono-” and “Multipass” sections! :slight_smile: .

The suggested solution would be a two step process, to first cut head and tail with the Auto-split function and then insert silence! That will work for me in most cases :slight_smile:

On a side note, I think the feature request could still be very useful - to have the auto-split function “cut head and tail” available as a batch process, and to be able to specify the pre and post times of the trim!

A user case would be if the silence pre and post should consist of the actual sound file, so that instead of “total silence” you want to leave the actual “quiet room” in the beginning and end. Of course, you could do a workaround by using a precut piece of the roomtone and use the audio injector to solve this too! :slight_smile:

But the auto-split and “cut head/tail” (or pretty much the whole auto-split function) could really be of use as an integral part of the batch processor for a faster work flow.

And, I would really like to see an extension of the Auto-split “cut head/tail” to set specified times of how tight the pre/post trim should be. :slight_smile:

Best regards, and thak you again!