Batch processor Trimmer

I need to batch trim a few thousand files. I just discovered the batch Trimmer doesn’t seem to work in Version 6 and Version 8. Can anyone confirm which version of Wavelab is need to get this functionality? Thanks!

I don’t remember with old WaveLab versions.
But in WaveLab 11, there are two ways to batch-trim: trimmer plugin in the batch processor, and cut start/end in the auto split dialog.

PG, Thanks for the response!
I didn’t explain my requirement very well.
I need to trim silence at the start of each file.
Meaning the tool must measure the volume and trim at some threshold.
For example, many CD players have an “autocue” function meaning skip past leading silence and cue at the first audible sound. The models I have have two threshold settings: -35 db and -65 dB…
Ideally Wavelab’s Trimmer would have a user-definable threshold.
Happy to upgrade to 11 and see what is there.
Been a devoted user since v3!
Jim Kent

Try this option then:

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Awesome thanks!