Batch remove midi information

Hello there, i have 500 midi files

Inside 1 midi file is 16 midi instrument channels, they have cc program information in each midi instrument channel which keeps changing back to the default sound, is there a way in cubase to batch remove this information the program change info w/o having to click into each channel and manually delete each one? many thanks in advance

Yes, the logical editor will do the trick for you - obviously only on files you have open in Cubase, though.

Depending on what you want to remove (I’d think it’s just program changes) then it should be dead simple to set up. If it is just Program Changes you want to remove and you don’t know how to do it, let me know and I’ll show you the settings for the logical editor.

hey thx, Any chance you could tell me how to set up the logical editor to do this?

It’s a bit tricky to explain quickly here but there is a very good explanation (and pics) starting on Page 581 of the manual.

Basically, you’ll set up the filter conditions to select PrgChg commands (a couple of clicks) and then you’ll use the delete function to remove them. (Though I recommend first using the Select function to make sure your filter is selecting the right things before deleting them!)

Yeah, as already said, it’s fairly simple, and the Logical Editor is hugely useful for this sort of thing.

  1. Select the parts you want to remove the program changes from (probably all of them?)
  2. Go to MIDI > Logical Editor
  3. Change the filter first line to read Type Is > Equal > Program Change
  4. At the bottom, change the Function to Delete
  5. Click Apply. All the program changes should now be gone.