batch rename bug?

I was trying to rename a group of clips and got an unexpected result. I used a counter at the beginning of a file and here’s what I got:
wl7 rename bug.png
Notice that the numbering is interrupted after 14 and then resumes a few files later. I can’t make WL number correctly. I made the clips by using the Split and Silences command, but I made a manual split at the file that’s now numbered 30. So, this was the last clip created. But, I would expect the batch renaming to honor the sorting that I’ve selected to view the clips, not the order of clip creation. In this case, I wanted the clips to be numbered in the order they appear in the original file so I ordered by Start time. Is there some way to force WL to number clips in the order I’m viewing them?

Currently, this is not possible; the incremented index is associated to clip creation order. But I agree this would be better otherwise, and I note that I should change this.