Batch renaming of tracks and events

It would be great to be able to batch rename tracks and events in a way you could e.g. apply numbering to existing tracks, search and replace strings etc. The way Pro Tools has implemented it is great - it’s such a time saver! (not a big Pro Tools fan though :wink: )



You can do that and a lot more than what you can in PT using the Project Logical Editor.

I guess after 16 years of using Nuendo it’s probably past time that I actually got comfortable with the PLE. My bad, I know. And thank you for the inspiration-- maybe this will be the thing that drives me to it.

But even so: would it not make a whole lot of sense (and be a lot more elegant) to have all of the practically valuable functions of batch renaming included in the renaming module? I think so… :smiley:


Oh my god! You’re so right! Thanks! I did look into PLE before but found it a bit complicated at first sight. But it is not as incomprehensible as I thought. I totally overlooked the fact that I can load and manipulate the presets.
Other task: Do you think it could be possible for PLE to create cycle markers from selected events and name the markers like the events?

Thanks again!

Nope, the PLE really have no way of “grabbing” the name and using it as a basis of logical operations. It would however be pretty useful.

I created a outside macro to do that a few years ago. Not very difficult, but I didn’t use it enough to make sure to keep it current.

I found a way to do it via exporting a cue sheet, deleting the header of the csv and reimport it as markers. I can live with that for the moment.
Thanks a lot for your help!


Great solution!

Could you explain the macro you created for this? I’ve been looking for a way to create cycle markers with the name of a selected event.

I’d be very interested in learning how you have done this. It could conceivably speed up my audiobook exporting (typically many chapters/events contiguously on one track, each with its own cycle marker). Fredo gave me a great macro a while back to make and name multiple cycle markers, one by one in the timeline, and that’s served me well for the last few years, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way. Can the PLE create cycle markers for multiple events on a track? Again, time to get to know that module.

An additional complication: I often name the chapters numerically to keep them in order (naming conventions for book chapters vary wildly, and introductions, appendices, epilogues, etc. don’t have numbers). As I make each marker, I copy/paste the the filename from the info line. So I end up deleting those numbers from the cycle marker name one by one, which, in the case of a long book, can take a lot of time.

Workflow is:

  1. Select all chapters in the pool
  2. Drag them to my “export audio” track, which is routed through my mastering chain.
  3. Create cycle marker using the macro.
  4. Copy the event name under the newly created cycle marker (it appears in the info line, stripping out the numerical leader.
  5. Paste the name in the marker window name column.
  6. Repeat until done.

This method is a LOT quicker than creating cycle markers without the macro, but I would like to streamline it. There’s any number of ways to skin this cat, the way I see it. Enhanced batch renaming is one, and if the PLE can already do it, that’d be great. A renaming process for cycle markers would also go a long way towards streamlining this process.

I only have this issue with books-- have found elegant filenaming workflows for pretty much everything else that requires arcane and specific repetitive naming, such as cartoons, promos and games, but not this.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an answer to this, and that it may be obvious to some-- I’ve just been doing things this way for a long time. If I’m missing something good (and obvious to anyone out there), please let me know!


Hi Chewy,

it’s actually pretty simple. I’m not at the studio right now so I’ll try to explain from my memory.
Just select the track with your events, go to file - export - cue sheet:
select csv as format, select time format [hh:mm:ss:ff], select event data and start/end time, then export.

You can then edit the csv file in any text editor. You need to delete all the lines until the actual list with your events starts. Otherwise nuendos reimport will fail for some reason. You can also conveniently delete the numbering of your event names here.
Save csv and go to nuendo.

Go to file - import - csv markers, select your file, adjust the import settings according to your export settings.
In the next window you can assign the event name to “description” and start/end to TC in and TC out.
Then you’re done.

It may sound complicated at first but once you found your way around it, it helps a LOT.
Needed to import 56 little movies today an it worked like a charm. I was finished in no time.
I you have any questions, let me know!


Thanks, Alex! I’ll give it a try. Appreciate the response!



And…I gave it a try. You’re my freakin hero. Saved me an hour (at least) and a lot of potential carpal tunnel on today’s project. Thank you for figuring this out that others might thrive. Until file naming gets a mighty revamp (and maybe even if it does), your solution is an elegant repurposing of available tools. Hats off to you.


Hey Chewy,

so happy to hear that! Sneaking around this forum, reading all the good tips made me dive deeper into Nuendo. Feels good to give something back.