Batch resave- for USER?

I’ve done some googling and looked at the manual I can’t seem to find the answer. I’m just wondering if you move samples, change computers or hard drives, if there is a way to batch reserve presets you’ve made ?

At the moment, if I move my library to another folder or drive, every single instrument asked me to find the samples every time I load

Use the Steinberg Library Manager to move them instead.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look, so this works for user libraries as well does it

The Steinberg Library Manager will work only for Vstsounds and unfortunately there’s no batch resave function.
But you can define a favorite search path :

and more experienced HALion user can consolidate their user samples in their own Vstsound container :

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Gerrit Junge

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How’s best to request batch re save as a new function ?

It is a painful process. Yes we need a better way. I moved from a PC to a MAC and didn’t calculate how long this would take.

I ended up dragging about 64 patches at a time and had various custom folders for it to search to find the samples. Once found for those patches then resaved those 64 patches all at once. Clear it out and do the next batch. Really an awful process.

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Agreed. I think one option should be: Save as monolith.

Many times you make a patch with a small sample that will not be used elsewhere, or it is small enough. That way you can never loose the sample again. Just move the patch. Battery 4, Kontakt, Serum, etc can do it. Very handy.