Batch saving files?

Hello, I’m trying to batch save 1150 audio files, and I’ve done this process once before, but I’m not able to do this again??? Can anybody help me?

I imported all the files on one audio track and I just edited the events (shorter and with a fade out) . Thats it, nothing more nothing less. I’m not doing any other processing to the files.
I’m on Cubase 11 pro and if I remember correctly I used the “Make offline processing permanent” under the audio menu. But now it doesn’t seem to do anything?

So the goal is to batch save all the files at once with the same file name on my HDD.

Thanks for the help!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

It depends, how did you use the Fade In/Out. If you used the Offline Process, the method you described, is working. But if you use the non-destructive method (the white triangles of the Audio Event, or the value in the Info Line), then this is not an Offline Process, so there is nothing to process.

In the 2nd case, go for the Render In Place. Select all events > Edit > Render in Place. You can find the result files in the project/Audio folder. All names will be equal to the original file name + “-01”. For example: “Audio 01.wav” > “Audio 01-01.wav”. So you can use any script to rename all the files afterwards.

Tnx for your reply.
But even when I apply fade out with the offline processing tool the length of the sample stays the same when I make it permanent :frowning:

And your second option isn’t the way I can go, the files need to stay the same name, because they are all different. So I can’t use a generic renaming tool for this application.


The length of the sample has to stay the same, if you apple Fade Out. What would be you expectation?

Simple script could just remove the “-01” from every single file name of the given folder.

I would like to shorten the sounds with a fade out


The end of the Fade Out is always at the end of the Audio Event, isn’t it? So it’s impossible to shorten the Audio Event by using Fade Out, I would say.

Sorry for not being clear enough.

I need to shorten the samples, AND with a fade out.
Then save the edited files to my HDD with the same file names


I would cut the Audio Events to shorten them properly. Then I would Render In Place.