Batch splitting and place in folders

A client brought a project in 18 Audio tracks
that some how was recorded in one long pass, all seven songs.
I want to put markers and tell Wavelab to split at the markers and export to folders (I can rename the folders later)
what is the best way to do this…split all 18 tracks and send those to a folder…

Use the Auto-Split tool in the montage or audiofile Tools menu in Wavelab 8 Pro.

Or place the audio file in a Montage, place and name CD Track Splice markers for the songs (and CD Track Start and End marker at the beginning and end of the long file), and Render “Regions / CD Tracks”.

Or if you mean 18 mono audio files/tracks, that would require a different approach I think. Wasn’t sure if that’s what you meant, 7 songs with 18 mono multitrack files each (?)

Yes splitting all 18 tracks is want I’d like to do. I’ve done stereo tracks split into separate files with naming from the Wave window.
This is different split all 18 tracks and move them to another folder keeping 18 tracks so I can mix them in Cubase easier
There maybe a easy way to do it in Cubase too I have to thinks about it.



The only way I can think to do that in Wavelab is to load the 18 files into a montage, split across all 18 tracks (“all tracks” in the Edit menu) at points between the 7 songs, then selecting all 18 tracks of each song, batch rename selected clips (on the Clip tab) with the song title (which you’d enter manually into the batch clip renamer) with instrument name added from the existing track filename, if it’s there. You can add those two parameters in the Batch Clip Renamer. Doing those batch clip renames song by song, for each of the 7 songs.

Then select all clips and render selected clips. The renders will get their file names from the clip names, which would then be the song title and track name.

Thanks. Sounds good will try it. I thought bout trying in Cubase cause I know it better than WL
Thanks again.