Battery 4 Display problem

I’ve been impressed by this software which works fine in standalone mode. I am doing try-before-buy prior to purchasing (it seems well worth the $200).

Running in VST under Cubase 7 the gui is broken. Has anyone else seen this?

What do you mean the GUI is broken…

I’m running it as a plugin on w7 & w8 64 without problems …please explain?

I answer my own question. As with my recent post on problems with Kontakt in C7-64:

the problem was with the NI installer using a VST directory I don’t scan. So it used the 32 bit package with Bridge, which is a non-starter.

I am moving from using mainly audio recording to a MIDI/samples based approached and it seems 16GB RAM may not be enough. I am using 12 GB with just Superior drummer, Kontakt-Alicia’s Keys and Battery 4. 4 X8GB = $225 on Newegg, could be worse.

The lesson here is that The Bridge is not equal to running big VST samplers on 64 bit Windows in 32 bit mode.

And make sure the installer defaults are scanned by Cubase.