Battery Library Importer for Maschine

Hi guys, I have only been playing around with 7.01 for a little while now, and I tried to load Native Instruments Massive into a project and it crashed Cubase. Tried again, and it crashes again. I tried in 6.5 and it also crashes. I have never had a problem with Massive crashing Cubase any version before.

Im not sure what is going on. I have recently installed Battery Library Importer for Maschine which is supposed to import Native Instruments Battery kits to Maschine? I had a quick look in Maschine but I didnt notice any more kits in there.

Has anyone used this before or had problems with this importer or has anyone else have Massive crash every time?
I also tried Kontakt it also crashed Cubase.

Not sure what is happening? I might try uninstalling Battery Library Importer for Maschine and see what happens and report back, but in the meantime if anyone has any experience with this please let me know.


If the problem also happens with massive standalone try deleting the massive database @ C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Local Settings\Application Data\Native Instruments\Massive
Then first start massive standalone for a database rebuild

Thanks for the reply. Standalone works fine. I also removed battery importer and updated the rest of my NI software and restarted my pc and still same thing.

Any other ideas?

I have tried to debug further. It seems it is the project that is corrupted somehow. I tried the project in 5,6.5 and 7 and upon further testing all of them will NOT LOAD ANY VST INSTRUMENT. NOT ONLY NATIVE INSTRUMENTS VSTS!!

I tried new projects in 5,6.5 and 7 and they all load fine. I really need this project and I have only just started it so I can bounce the tracks as audio and import them into a new project.

Any help appreciated.


Very strange, be glad you caught it early. I have no ideas except maybe a simple corrupted save, which can but should not happen.
Good luck

I copied the individual tracks and pasted into a new project and i was able to insert a vst insert. So it was some corruption in my project.

But this error came up again later on working on the new project when i went to add an fx vst. Where can I upload the cubase crash log for someone to tell me what it means?


For what it’s worth the Battery 3 Importer for Maschine just makes it so you can load a complete Battery kit into a single pad on Maschine, like in the following image. You choose Battery as an instrument (you won’t see it in as a regular Maschine kit), choose a pad, load the kit, and then go into Pad Mode to play it.

You’ll likely want to be using a real MIDI controller, though, as Battery kits usually have a lot more than 16 samples.