Bb-Clarinet instead of Clarinet (Bb-Flat)

How can I get transposing instruments named as for ex. Bb-clarinet instead of the used (Bb-Flat) - GLOBALLY ? ( - and not change the names 3 times for each instrument in SETUP / Players).

Sorry for asking. I know this has been answered before. Once I even could remember it. But after a long searching in the menus and the Help-file I give up.


Layout Options.

Thanks. I can see it in the score, but in the parts it still is Clarinet (Bb Flat).

Edit the default part first master page so that in the top left corner it uses {@stafflabelsfull@} rather than {@layoutname@}
Edit the default part default master page (that’s the one used by every page apart from page 1, by default) so that the header uses {@stafflabelsfull@} rather than {@layoutname@}

Thank you very much. It also worked.
Funny: I am writing on an brass band arrangement called “Ill never turn back”. Fine name for this situation.
Yours Arne Dich