BBC Pro playback issue

Zelinsky Assignment 2 Orchestration 2.dorico (947.4 KB)
Hello! I’m having a playback issue. I orchestrated using BBC Pro sounds and the score sounds good until the end when all of the instruments are playing. Even if I solo one of the brass sounds in the last section it cuts out.
I have the last intel Mac 2020 with 128 GB of Ram
Can anyone play this back with the BBC Pro sounds and any advice? If I just go with the Dorico Pro sounds it works fine.

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So the playback is getting cutout, but when I exported the audio it seemed fine. So, only on the playback in Dorico using BBC Pro.

Actually, I think I’m still hearing dropouts on the export.

Perhaps you could try increasing the buffer size a bit in Edit > Device Setup?

I tried it at maximum buffer size and it didn’t fix the issue.

@zelinsky hello,
Would you share more information about your system, especially the CPU.
If you have more than 8th Cores, this could be the cause of your problem.
Currently the VSTAudioEngine, which is responsible for the playback and many other things isn’t very well optimized for working with muti-core and multi-processor computers. It works far better on Intel i7 Quad-Core than two Octa-Cores Xeon processors. Fortunately the team is working hardly to optimize the performance of the Dorico’s Audio Engine for such powerful computers.

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Well, probably you should discuss your case with @Ulf . He is one of the Audio Engine developers. Very nice and kind person. :slight_smile: I believe he would be able to give you more information about the issue, or to help with the investigation of it.
In the next major release we need more improved and optimized Audio Engine. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Hopefully he will see this? :slight_smile:

Sure, I do see :slight_smile:
Well, it’s true that BBCSO is a bit of an issue on some machines, though not on all. There is certainly a potential to improve on our side, but on Spitfire’s end as well. It’s difficult though to draw a clear border. I might be able to provide you a development version of the audio engine, to see if that is going any better. I’ll send you a private message

I get the same in bars 66-69 in particular. I have only the BBC Core so it uses far fewer system resources than the Pro (but of course I use the Pro template which automatically uses Core instruments or an emulation of the Pro if Core doesn’t have the instruments). I don’t know if this is directly to do with the audio engine – it’s noticeable that there are tremolos almost across the orchestra and these bars push my modest processor to around 89%. Perhaps it would be better with VE Pro but haven’t yet tested.

Anyway, if a development version of the audio engine does make a difference, I’d be interested in trying it out also.

UPDATE VE Pro doesn’t help with this issue

Interesting, so on VE Pro you have the same issue? Is VE Pro hosted on the same machine with you or on an external cpu?

Btw, I don’t have such development version, yet, but I’ll get in touch once I have one.

yes, VE Pro is on the same machine.

Hey, @Ulf hello,
How are you doing? I hope everything is alright there! :slight_smile:
I’m also interested to Beta test the upcoming VST Audio Engine.
I would like to check how it will behave on my 2x Xeon Octa-core system + the BBC SO Pro template.
The guys at Spitfire Audio should also improve their player, of course. I hope your London based team could push them a little bit to do whatever must be done. :slight_smile:
Ulf, by the way, did you catch the problem with the wrong plugin routing that I had reported long time ago in my last e-mail sent to you? It was hard to be reproduced.
I would gladly help the performance improvement of the Audio Engine and Dorico, so feel free to ask if you need me to join. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Thurisaz , I’m doing well.
It’s a bit complicated, but I have not given up, yet, on merging the newer developments into the current audio engine branch. If I succeed, I’ll give you that version to test with. If not we can take you into the beta program. But first a little more patience, please. Thanks

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Hi @Ulf,
Nice to hear that you are doing well. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for the reply!
I’m waiting for news from you as soon as you have any progress. If you need me in the Beta program, I will gladly join. :slight_smile:
Have a nice, successful and peaceful day, Ulf! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,