BBC SO Spitfire & Dorico

Hello, I also have another question for example on Timpani. Spitfire offers several possibilities of sounds. How in the score I write in Dorico I can make the choice that corresponds to the ten proposed shades. How to write. Thank you.
Bonjour, j’ai aussi une autre question par exemple sur les Timbales. Spitfire propose plusieurs possibilités de sons. Comment dans la partition que j’écris dans Dorico je peux faire le choix qui correspond aux dix nuances proposées. Comment faire pour écrire. Merci.

Welcome to the forum, from one Daniel to another.

In general, the way you access different sounds in a library like BBCSO is using expression maps. In the timpani patch, some kind of method will be provided for choosing between the different sounds, whether it’s a different patch, a keyswitch, or a MIDI controller value that you need to change. You can create your own expression map that will trigger the appropriate MIDI event (a keyswitch or MIDI controller value) when Dorico encounters a particular playing technique.

In the case of BBCSO, templates are already available that include expression maps so that everything is set up for you. You can find them here.

the various timpani playing techniques are supported in John’s Expression Map for the instrument so it’s just a matter of checking there what they are all called so you can use the appropriate technique. Incidentally, the timpani template in Core actually loads the 1st violins which is obviously an error. I thought that the template had been updated on the BBC site but it still does the same on my system at any rate.