BBCSO Pro Template - Tenuto trombone is shockingly loud even at mp

I just downloaded the Spitfire BBCO Dorico template. The tenuto trombone patch is acting really aggressively—almost like a marcato or at least forte accent. I have the dynamic set at mp and the slash-keyed tenuto mark.

Is this normal behavior? If not, how do I get into the settings to edit the articulation’s behavior? If it is, help me understand.

UPDATE: I watched the Spitfire player as the track played. The tenutos are mapped to sfz longs. So that’s the issue. How do I change that behavior?


You can go to Play > Expression Maps and examine the appropriate expression map (click the little filter button at the top of the list of expression maps to cut down the list to only those expression maps currently in use in the project), and you’ll find the Tenuto entry in the list of Base and Add-on Switches, where you can make whatever changes you deem necessary.