BCF2000 Problems

Hey guys,

I followed this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLJ9OBmADHE tutorial online for setting up my BCF2000, but have had some issues.

  1. do I select usb port 1 on the controller?

  2. If i do that and then follow the tutorial, what happens is, if i use my mouse and move a fader on cubase, the bcf 2000’s faders do move correctly. The problem is that when i manually move one of the BCF 2000’s faders, the mixer in cubase does not move…

Screen shots of my settings are attached!

I am using 32 Bit windows 7, If anyone could take me through step by step with it all (so the driver setups aswell) then that would be great :slight_smile:

Any help would be wicked!


Remote Devices.png
MIDI port Setup.png

Hi !

  1. did you start the BCF in Mackie Mode for Cubase ? Start it up while holding the second button of the second row, starting from left (the one underneath the second rotary). The LED display should read “MC C”.

  2. you should set it to Global mode U1 so that you won’t have all these midi ports available. To go to Global Mode, switch it on in Mackie Mode but leave you finger on the button until you see “EG” on the display. Then use the “type” rotary to select U1 and press “Exit” to go back to Mackie Mode.

  3. Make sure you have installed the Behringer driver for multiclient operation. If not, the BCF will send data to the LCD emulator but not to Cubase. Installing the multiclient driver allows the BCF to “talk” to Cubase AND the emulator at the same time.

If you can read French, you may download this document and all the goodies enclosed that I did a few years ago (you will find a modified version of the LCD emulator, plus other things).


I’m not using my BCF as a Mackie Control anymore as I’m using this http://www.espace-cubase.org/anglais/page.php?page=qcon (should be available by end of January or february, a real Mackie Control killer).

Hope this helped.