BCR2000 works in Mackie mode :) But...


I have connected BCR2000 controller in Mackie mode and it works like a charm. However, I’m wondering if someone can recommend one thing.

Basically I don’t that Cubase dynamically allocate VSTi parameters to subpages. Instead I want to assign parameters that will ALWAYS be the same for some VSTI instruments. I know that it was possibly before by using XML, but I can’t find that function in Cubase 6…

Any idea?

Hm, you can do this using the generic remote, which is what I think you are referring to in mentioning xml- the remote config is in an editable xml file, and obviously you can also create a generic remote using the learn facility.

Also, are you familiar with the various translators available for the BCR and BCF 2000? I’d give more info but you have not info in your sig.


Thanks for answering. I found a way to do it in Mackie mode. The only thing I need is to wrap plugins Midi CC values so that they fit BCR2000 fixed Midi CC output. In that way it is extremely flexible.

I found an excellent plugin wrapper for reassigning midi CC of plugins, VST MIDI Control Extension MCX, but it doesn’t support Waveshell plugins so I can use it. So I need something as MCX but it need to work with Waveshell plugins also.

Please give me some more info about translators.


It would be nice if you put your system info in your sig.

search for lc xmu and for B-control

Embarrassing but I can’t find that function in user area :blush:

LC XMU doesn’t work with WIndows, only MAC so I can’t use it…

For B-Control, that is a system for managing BCR2000. I need a way to wrapp plugins Midi CC assignment. Please if you know some alternative to VST MIDI Control Extension MCX, let me know.


how can I get my BCR2000 in Mackie mode?

Try following:


The ‘problem’ with Mackie Mode, although it offers dynamically work flow, that you can’t pre-assign which controls will be selected for which button on BCR2000. Instead, Mackie mode is doing that for you dynamically. You can of course use Quick controls with it too.


Thanks for posting that link MusicStarter. That is the most thorough step by step instructions I’ve seen for Mackie mode.

My problem is I can’t seem to download huskervu. During the attempted installation it always says I need to install .NET Framework 1.1 even though I have the latest .NET update from Microsoft.

Is there a workaround to get it to the Mackie mode to work without huskervu? I was able to install midiyoke without any problems…

I had same problem with Huskervu. It doesn’t help to have the last version of .NET Framework installed, you MUST download 1.1 from Microsoft homepage. Then it will work.

Here you can find it:



Thanks! That did the trick.

I’m kind of embarrassed to ask this but, how do I do a sysex dump of that BCR2000 .syx file? I’ve always worked inside-the-box so I don’t really have any prior experience with hardware synths and midi… and I couldn’t figure it out from reading either the Cubase and BCR2000 manuals section on sysex.


Basically there are 2 key applications that you need:

BC Manager - for editing BCR2000. Get it here: http://home.kpn.nl/f2hmjvandenberg281/bcman.html


Midi OX - for managing sysex. Get it here: http://www.midiox.com/