Be able to attach sticky notes to the timeline

People seem almost aggressive, because some of us think that marker tracks don’t work as well as dedicated notes system, as proposed here. I think it has been made clear for example in JLM’s suggestion that there is many things that marker tracks don’t cover. And like powernemo said, it’s clear that Marker tracks are not meant to do this (and probably that’s why many functions are missing) since nothing of sorts is said in the manual. Even if moderator says so.

Hopefully someone at Steinberg sees this post and we will see these features implemented in the future :slightly_smiling_face: And even if some users are rude I hope that we will get more great ideas in this topic!

It is called using tools provided to do something that is not documented.
I use a large bolt with 2 washers to remove bearings from my bike. Just because it isn’t recommended in the non existent documentation that comes with a 40c washer, doesn’t meant that I can’t use the washer for a gazillion different things.

Place a marker at the right time, name it (1) , then on the note pad, write (1) with want you want done to the part/track etc. Not pretty but absolutely does the job. Like my $3 bearing remover.