Be able to attach sticky notes to the timeline

I have never seen this feature anywhere and it would be a really distinctive selling point in my opinion.

The Notepad (global and per track) is kinda useful but that’s not quite nice to use (plus, well the UI seems like 20 years old).
One thing that would be super useful would be to have some kind of sticky note that you can put anywhere in your project view to write text notes.

Like a pin that can be clicked and it expands allowing to write text.

I know I can do this with a marker but it is not what a marker is for, plus when you write long text it is not ideal.
Let say i have a track with a guitar solo i can just put a pin in the precise spot where I want to remark something and when I click it it expands so i can read or edit the content of the text.


Great idea.

And while at it, if you could add a Lyrics track that can align with audio and MIDI tracks - that would be really great, not just for vocals, but also for voice-overs.

Cheers, Roland

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+1 from me
Currently i use multiple marker tracks, but this is not ideal (long texts etc.)
It would also be useful to mark these notes as todo, done, nicetohave…

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Notepad features have been asked for years, but nothing. These ideas are great, and Notepad track (colour code made possible, like Arranger track) would be useful too. Though expandable pins is even more useful.

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@JBuck Yep, that’s exactly to avoid that “creative hack”. A marker should serve its purpose to delimit logical parts of the song. An annotation on the other end is to put a comment of whichever nature.
In the moment you use Markers as notes you lose the Marker feature of skipping song from one marker to another (like to jump from Verse to Chorus) because in between you have your “hack notes”. So yeah, but no.

Marker Tracks can be activated /deactivated. So make sure ones with notes are deactivated.

“Post It Notes” - Stickied to regions, tracks, etc - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

“Project Zone” Sticky Notes - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Great idea! Reminds me of many iPad apps that allow you to mark up designs, etc.

With marker tracks you should spesify what track you are talking about. Only a very limited amount of text available without ridiculous zoom level. Not a solution at all, only a bad workaround to sticky notes.

Yes, these exist, and i think we all use them.

I think what we need is a unified comment system, with something like this possible:


I would like to have a unified annotation system, in which i can

  • annotate single events
  • annotate partial selections of events (maybe even accros tracks?)
  • annotate selections of time (currently done with markers)
  • annotate tracks (already possible)
  • annotate selections of automation data
  • (annotate individual notes in a midi track - not sure if this is useful, but maybe just for completeness)

Additionally we should be able to tag annotations as “critical”, “todo”, “nice to have” aka “should be done, but only if i have time to do it”, “done” etc. with different symbols/colors for the tags. Assigning “done” would (depending on the preference of the user) immediatly delete it or just mark it as a green checkmark.

All of these annotations would show up in a projects list of annotations, where we could order/filter them by tag (or other categories?). Clicking on an annotation in the list takes you directly to the annotated element in the project view.

Of course there would be a fast way to hide the annotations or just display little icons in case they get distracting in the project.

Not really. I use 2 Marker Tracks (sometimes more). One is for song navigation and is usually the Active Marker Track. And the other is for notes. Neither Marker Track interfears with how the other one functions in any manner.

Can we please stop hacking the program to mock a functionality that doesn’t exist and properly request the functionality designed to act as such?

This is not at all hacking. You might not like the way the feature is implemented, but it is there for the purpose of making notes, among others functions.

<mod> Suggestions do not impact this feature request in any way, and there’s no need to criticize other users’ approach. </mod>

@steve you know I respect your position.
However I got misled by the documentation that doesn’t mention taking notes at all in the Markers functionality:

Maybe you do not like the word “hacking” could be a professional deformation from my part, my bad, … how should i call it “creative usage” ?
Of course if there is no feature ppl become “crafty” and help themselves in another way,
If there was no timer in my kitchen I would be crafty as well: when I need to cook something, as soon as I put something on the stove, I would press Play on Cubase timeline to keep track of the cooking time :smiley:
(but that’s not what Cubase timeline is intended for isn’t ?)


Pray tell we don’t have any “creative use” of a tool used by artsy folks to make music. Last thing we need for that is so-called “creativity”

Man if you knew how I abuse some of the other functions in Cubase, you’d likely need to lie down and have a nap

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@raino, @steve Peace