Be able to see which plugins that use the amount of CPU

Be able to see which plugins that use the amount of CPU. Like the performance monitor in S1!

+1. Reaper has this as well, along with displaying how much RAM each plugin is using.

Yes +1 for this for sure. Looking in the plug in manager is too cumbersome in its current form. The one in Studio One is really useful as it shows latency and cpu usage.

I’d have to disagree, not with the unavailability of info, just with the " plug in manager is too cumbersome " part. This is not information that needs to be constantly “in your face”, no need to clutter up the interface any more than it already is - information overload.
If I saw the performance meter creeping up then I’d naturally go to the Plugin Manager to control usage.

Now adding a right click mechanism to the performance meter which would open a breakdown window with routing to the relevant managers, would not be amiss :wink:

I’m not sure you have used Studio One or not but the meter we are speaking of is different to that of the “performance meter”. Like Cubase, it is not part of the main GUI. You simply double click on the cpu meter (or open it from menu) and it pops open a nice little window that gives you the information you need. It lists all open plug ins and tells you how much resource/latency they use and occur. In Cubase, you have to open the plug in manager, search for the specific plug in (one at a time) and still only get half the information!

Kudos to Steinberg for the improvements to the plug in manager in Pro 8 though, I absolutely love the fact that they can be organized and the way in which it is accomplished.

If you have used Studio One you will realize how ridiculously cumbersome it in cubase to find that same information though.

No haven’t used Studio One, but what you describe is basically what I was inferring in my last sentence. :wink:

  • 1 Studio one performance monitor is superb, it makes the Stenberg Asio monitor feel quite antiquated.

Nice Idea!


+1 Useful!

This would make it easier and helpful when debating performance vs quality on some plugins.

Maybe at the end of a busy mix, you can quickly identify a ‘hog’ which will help to decide on a compromise, and enable you to free up space to get in that last fix.