Be gentle - how do I add bars in Dorico?

Dear Everyone.

Can’t find it myself but if anyone sees my previous message about not being able to get Dorico started because of audio timeout - I’ve cracked that one! But I can’t add bars.

I’m in Write Mode. I’ve chosen my instrument - I’m starting off with one solo instrument just to practice using Dorico. And you get a screen with one single bar in the middle of it. Now I’ve read you do SHIFT-B then type in the amount of bars you want to add. So I tried it. I got a little box. I typed in the number 8 (randomly, just to see what happened.) And - nothing happened. It TOLD me I was in Bar 6. But there’s still only one visible bar in the middle of the screen!

I know I’m being dumbass. How do you add other bars so you can see them to use them? I’ve tried hitting plus sign and a number - doesn’t work. Tried the SHIFT-B thing and you get a dialogue box but typing numbers in it doesn’t make the screen look any different, still has one single bar in the middle of it. Tried clicking on the bar sign on the right and adding numbers, same thing, it tells you you’re in a different bar but there’s still only one showing on the screen.

What am I missing here?

Yours pathetically


Do you have a time signature? If not, create one and then you should be able to add bars with Shift-B.

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(What Fred said - you can add a time signature by typing shift-M and then 3/8 or 4/4 etc. - or click the time sig button on the right to expose the time sig panel)

Exactly, Dorico needs to know how much time needs to be created, ie how many beats in the bars you’re adding, and the way it knows that is by having a time signature that tells it the number of beats in the bar.