Beach balls even without project loaded!

I have no idea what to do - can’t upgrade any more and still on version 5.5.6
Help me to not go to ProTools!
My problem is:

Just after starting Nuendo every time i click any menu I get a 10 second beach ball. Only then sub menu appears.
It happened with Nuendo 6 and 6.5 (and now with Trial Nuendo 7) without any project loaded and with any audio interface. The same when I right click an event with project loaded.

All of my other DAW applications (Nuendo 4 - 5.5.6, ProTools10, LogicX) are fine.
I’ve tried repairing permissions, trashing preferences, removing all my hard drives (except System), 32 bit, 64 bit and so on.
It happens even in a safe mode.

I’ve tested under OSX 10.9.5 on MacPro 4.1 and on MacPro 5.1
It’s all right on my MacBook Pro only.

My post-pro studio based on Nuendo, I own :exclamation: 9 licenses. Now it seems I stuck with version 5.5 because of constant beach balling.
I’ve asked forum (, searching web, writing to admin but nobody replied and it seems that nobody has got similar problem. Support is dead :frowning: and this forum is the last chance I think.


why can’t you upgrade anymore? Did you try to reproduce it in Nuendo 7 (trial version available)?


Hello Timo!
Thanks for reply!
I’m on Nuendo since 1.5 and really love it.
Now I can’t upgrade becouse it’s impossible to work when Nuendo shows me a 10seconds beach ball every time I click any menu bar.
It happens on my Macs since version 6.0
I’ve been waiting for 6.5 and upgraded with NEK - but still the same - I had to roll back to 5.5. So that upgrade was a waste of money and it’s not reasonable to upgrade further while the trial version doesn’t work right for me.
At the same time, on my MacBook Pro - all works just fine.
And yes I can reproduce it anytime in Nuendo 6, 6,5 and 7 (trial) on Mac 4.1 and 5.1 OSX 10.9.5
But is there a way to show it to you?

What could be keeping Nuendo busy even when there is no project open…
The only thing I can imagine at the moment beside audiointerface is Mediabay looking for drives that are not available. Could there be any Network Drives?


Thanks Oswald!
Occasionally I’ve just found a way to solve the problem when experimenting with preferences to make Speakerphone work under 64 bit.
I think it’s something wrong with importing preferences from earlier versions.
I’ve trashed it all
users/username/library/preferences/nuendo 7
and let Nuendo 7 build them from scratch.
I’m wondering which particular file is slowing down the system
but now it looks like trial version is fine, so I’ve finally bought full version.