Beam groupings for sycopations

I’m in 4/4 and have set beam grouping to beam to the beat. Why isn’t this displaying accordingly?


Pretty sure it’s this setting that dictates this:

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I am having a problem.
Even though I’ve changed my settings in the Notation options to get the same result as above, dorico does not apply the changes.
I’ve tried to make the changes both locally and globally. Nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

Have you changed the Notation Options for the correct flow?
Try selecting the passage, right-clicking > Beaming > Reset Beaming (particularly if you’re working with imported MusicXML).
Try selecting the passage and toggling on and off Force Duration (again particularly if you’re working with imported MusicXML).

It’s not musicXML. I only have one flow. And if I toggle off force duration I get a quarter note, where I want 2 tied eight-notes. Working in Dorico 3.5 pro.

There are the Beam Grouping settings, the Note Grouping settings and the Syncopation settings (all within Notation Options). All of these may play a part in your specific situation. Without seeing your specific situation, your existing settings and any forced durations it’s impossible to give more specific advice.

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Hej Leo.
On the top you see what I get with forced duration.
On the bottom you see, how I would like it to look (I have done a right click and chose “split beam”)
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Note grouping:

Beam Grouping:

The very last option shown would be the one to change, if you want “beam together even if they group does not fill the half-bar”.

Enter your notes (as 3 quavers). Select the first quaver. Force duration (o). Tie (t).
(If that doesn’t work - post your file - just a few bars is sufficient)

Didn’t work and in hine site, not what I want.

I think I found my problem.
First of all I am in alla breve time and it is not possible to deactivate the option below:
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These 2 options negate what I want. I only want my quavers to beam together beat by beat. No matter the combination.

That is interesting! One common workaround (until now) has been to input the cutc meter on bar 1, deal with it on this bar (with force duration, manual beaming when necessary) then put a hidden 4/4 meter that behaves just like we need!

Thank you Marc.
Sounds complicated and time consuming. And I really do not like workarounds.
When you use them, you have to remember what you did. And I am terrible at that.
And then there is the elephant in the room. The program (in my opinion) should be able to do this automatically.

I agree (as many of us, certainly) that Dorico should treat cutc as 4/4 in many aspects. I don’t agree it’s time consuming, it’s actually very easy and straightforward. And if you leave the signposts on, you clearly see what’s there.


Oh… right… Signposts. I mostly think they are in the way, but in this case i might reconsider.

I’d have to agree with Marc here, this is really very easy to accomplish, once in the beginning, set and forget. Try it! :hugs:


Signposts are invaluable for seeing things that are invisible. You can see the score without any ‘invisibles’ by holding ` (backtick - though check in Key Commands for “Hide Invisibles” shortcut if it doesn’t work).

Also, you can assign a key command to Hide/Show Signposts.