Beam over rests in individual instance

I know I can globally adjust beaming properties, but can I beam over rests in specific instances even if I disable beaming over rests globally?

Have you tried selecting the noteheads you wish to beam together and then right-clicking on one of the noteheads and using the Beaming option from the context menu?

Yes, but I should have been more clear: What I really want to do is extend the beam of a third triplet backward over two preceding triplet rests. Therefore, there is only one note to select, and when I try to beam it together with the rests nothing happens.

Can you give us an example (a Dorico test file) to show us the problem?

Just select the first rest and the last note and use Edit/Notations/Beaming/Stemlets/Force Stemlet Beam. You can assign a shortcut to it if this is something you do often.

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Beautiful, thank you!

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