Beam thickness? Still impossible?

Dear Dorico-Team,
-I asked about this feature around version 2 (or before), but the answer was that this is certainly something that will be possible, but wasn’t an important thing to fix. Well, for me it IS, actually. As for now, it is the FINAL thing that still has me hanging on to Finale… ^^ (I’m serious!!).

What do you say? Will it be possible in the near future to set the Beam-thickness (in SMUFL file)?
Should I start learning Dorico for real, soon… ?

Thanks for your amazing effort to make Computer Music-Notation even better…

You can adjust the thickness of the beam lines and the separation between beam lines for an individual selected beam via Properties in Dorico 4, but you cannot set default values for beam thickness and separation.

I’d be interested to know what default values you are looking to use, since it seems to me that there is only a very narrow range of values that can give good results. Can you share a bit more about your specific requirements?

Hi Daniel,
Oh, these “small changes” do INDEED make a difference!! -even if ever so thin addition, the eye notices it. Especially when using a “hand-drawn” font, this is a nice feature. Of course, for most MUSICIANS it won’t even be noticed, if a change is made. But, since I want to have absolute control over MY look, it IS an issue for me.

Seriously, I don’t get it why this should be an “issue” at ALL??

  • the code line is even implemented in the SMuFL file, but it doesn’t make any change in Dorico (??).
    (Well, I haven’t tried it since the first time, many years ago).

BTW, having you asking; could I ask for another thing, while at it:

  • Finale has a new (!!! haha!) feature, where the articulations automatically “replaces” a slur to a higher position, if both are applied to a note. This is MOSTLY pretty cool. BUT; I can’t turn off this feature IF I would like to override it. (If I manually override it, It be darn sure that any time I (or the App) makes a global redraw event, this manual change is gone… (sigh).

I am mostly talking about staccato dots and slurs. (if "detaché, then -yes- slurs OVER the dots. If ONE dot at the END of a slured figure - I (PERSONALLY) like it better to have this dot OVER the slur.).
Is this possible in Dorico? :slight_smile:

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Yes :slight_smile:


For now, you can Select All, then Filter Notes (you may need to Deselect Grace notes), and you can change the Beaming thickness for all notes in one go. (Per flow.)

Ok, but this seems to work only for selected beamed notes, you can not set the thickness to the overall music. Too bad…

In Engrave mode, you’ll need to select at least two beamed notes to try the thickness value, but when you select the beam itself, you get no proprieties for it. Weird!

And the beaming values in the JSON still do not take effect at all :frowning: (disappointing)

I know this has already been requested but it would be really nice if Dorico would automatically increase the distance between 32nd beams within a staff to ca. ⅜ space instead of the Engraving Options setting of ½ space which is far too wide.

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  • suddenly all the trolls come out from under their stones…
    We ALL want this, pretty BAD!

RVang, let me be direct, please:
I am not sure, if you know about the internet etiquette, never to post in capital letters (regarded as rude - as it sounds like someone is screaming).
As far as I know it is reserved for people, who are in a death threatening situation.


your tone and choice of wording are those of a teenager. Calling other members on this forum trolls is at best bad behaviour, at worst rude and disrespectful.

Let’s give @RVang the benefit of the doubt – I interpreted their post as expressing delight that other people who want the ability to adjust the global thickness of beams are “crawling out from under their rocks”, rather than accusing anybody of being a troll.

I appreciate and am grateful for everybody’s desire to keep the discourse (no pun intended) civil here on the forum, but let’s also look for the best in people and not immediately jump to conclusions. I don’t think @RVang is expressing any hostility at all. Thanks!


Here’s a beautiful example of a thicker beaming style.

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and here’s a related quote from Ted Ross’ Art of Music Engraving & Processing (p.88):

* In single beamed notation it is not uncommon to find oversize beams.

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I thought the troll comment was pretty funny. In that spirit, add me to the list of those who crawled out from under my stone and want this feature pretty bad! hehe. It probably seems like an unnecessary request to some, but others of us are a little more OCD about having complete control over the look of our scores. Dorico saves us all a lot of time by taking some of the “control” away. But little by little, they find ways of giving back that control without completely destroying the algorithms that make this app so amazing from the start.

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I’d like to see a sample of some of your work, especially the variations in beam width. I realize you might be hesitant and I don’t blame you. With the appearance of the Scorico website, I’d urge you to consider whipping up a beaming sample file and posting it there. There are many well engraved files displayed on Scorico but a lack of technique-related materials.

well, to be honest… I don’t think that the posted music is a good example of “thicker beams”… They are too thick, in my opinion. -but, yes; I certainly remain with my expectation and/or hopes that one should be able to do a look like this in Dorico, if wanted. Why not? Of course, there are many small parameters that needs to be adjusted… and, this takes time to make it usable in a modern app. I think that’s the only reason it hasn’t been implemented yet. -I hold my thumbs - for the next update. :wink:

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Oh, darn it - I’m sorry if I offend some of you with my “caps” typing. Forgot. I will try to remember to spend the extra time to use italics instead… when I want to put weight on one word in a sentence. Or maybe bold… ?

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Your post is my first introduction to Scorico. Thanks! I will definitely explore.

have a look here: Beam Thickness - Dorico - Steinberg Forums