Beamed dotted half notes possible?

The publisher of a printed score I’m transcribing frequently uses shortcuts to indicate repeating notes. In the attached measure the beamed dotted half notes could be written out fully as six eighth notes (D-B-D-B-D-B) in the 6/4 time signature of the piece. I have written out all the notes in Dorico, but is there a way to recreate the score precisely as written? Thanks.
beamed dotted half notes

That’s a “2-note tremolo”. For this example, input them as dotted quarter notes (which fills the duration). You will probably have to force duration for one or both of them. Once they are showing as 2 notes without ties, you can select them and either:

  • choose a 1-beam 2-note tremolo from the Repeats panel on the right
  • Shift-R and enter /2

Dorico then displays them as dotted halves. By default the beam does not connect to the stems. There is a setting for that in Engraving Options > Tremolos > Multi-note Tremolos.

To get a “6” to show where there are normally 6 notes, you can start entry with a 6:6 tuplet of eighth notes!

If you need to show the 6 number, use a 6:6 tuplet on those 8th notes and make sure the bracket doesn’t show, nor the second half of the marking (:6)

Both - thank you so much for the guidance. This forum is amazing. Before & After measures in Dorico attached. Thanks again.

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