Beamed grace notes?

I have a group of grace notes but cannot figure out how to join them with a beam?

Any help gratefully received!

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 7.13.00 PM.png

Hello Rossy !

I have the feeling the rythmic value of the grace notes you have input is quarter note. And then you chose to slash them in the properties panel.
You can select them all and change the rythme value (8ths or 16ths — Marquee select and then press shift+5 or 4), they should beam together. If they still do not, with all those grace notes selected, right-click and select Beam together in the sub-menu.

Dear Marc,
Changing the note values of the grace notes worked. Once they were ‘quavers’ they were automatically beamed.
‘Beam together’ in the Write/edit menu did not work.

Many thanks.

Beam together works fine, as long as the rythmic value is shorter than crotchet (so beamed notes). Happy to have helped !