Beaming 16th notes in 5/4

Is it possible to automatically group 16th notes to groups of four in 5/4 time signature?

I’ve inputted the time signature as [3+2]/4, which is correct for the longer durations:

But I would like to group 16th notes automatically like this:

I think I tried everything in the notation options, but am I missing something?

I can input the time signature as [1+1+1+1+1]/4, but that is not how I would like to have it for the longer notes:

Finally, I can get almost the result I want with aggregate time signature, but I’m not sure if that is really the best way to notate it. The tempo of this piece is very slow (q= ca. 54), so perhaps it makes sense?

Any help or comments are appreciated!

No, this is how 5/4 behaves at present. You’d need to adjust the first bar, then set the 1+1+… for the second, and hide that.

May also help in some measures to set customized time signatures (ALT+ENTER the time signature) for a given staff (and measures) and then hiding it.

A standard way to treat 5/4 is to beam it as if its a measure of 3/4 followed by a measure of 2/4 (or with the order switched, i.e., 2/4 plus 3/4), but without the dashed line mid-bar. I would like for Dorico to have an option to beam hybrid metres as such.
Dorico’s automatic beaming work great nearly all the time in 4/4, but breaks down considerably in hybrid metres.

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Why don’t you use [3+2]/4 in the meter popover if that’s what you need? Or [2+3]/4? You can alt-click those as you need them, and let Dorico do the job…
[Edit] Sorry, I just saw your first post…
This is why I would love the ability to “lock to a rhythmic pattern” as was suggested earlier in another thread. It would improve the granularity.

Thank you for the responses! I’ll stick to the aggregate time signature for now and come back to it when the piece is finished. It’s almost 10 minutes of mostly 5/4 bars, so I need to find a consistent solution. I’d like to notate the aggregate time signature as (3+2)/4, but so far I managed only to do 3/4+2/4, which doesn’t look as nice.