Beaming 2 notes

Is there any way to improve the beam angles of two notes when they jut out of the staff lines? I get the following quite a lot, and I want to minimize the “white triangle”.

Screenshot 4.png
I’ve set “Slant for beams of only two notes” to a range of values, from 0 to 3 spaces.
I have Stems set to shorten for beamed notes.

Anything else?

There’s another setting for the slant of short beams a bit further down, but I wouldn’t count on it to solve this either. I’ve tried to find settings to avoid this very situation a few times already.
One thing that I miss from Finale are Patterson Beams. With good settings it produces beam angles that I mostly don’t need to touch at all. Dorico is not quite there yet.

Dorico deliberately won’t allow the inside of a beam line to come within a quarter-space of the outermost staff line; sit/straddle/hang is fine, i.e. it’s OK for the beam to start, end or sit halfway across the outermost staff line, but it won’t allow the inside of the beam to create a tiny white triangle with the staff line.

Daniel, what I’d like is something like this:

Screenshot 5.png

Try setting ‘Shortened stem length for eighth (quaver)’ to 2 3/4 spaces (instead of the default 3) in the Stems section of the Notes page of Engraving Options.

Thanks. 2 and ⅝ did the trick, though I’m hoping that won’t have any side-effects elsewhere!

Thanks, Daniel!