Beaming control

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.54.59 PM.png
A question about beaming from the attached screen shot: is it possible for the first quintuplet to have the beam between the two staves, consistent with the appearance of the subsequent note pattern? I’ve fiddled with all of the parameters that I see, but haven’t got a good solution (where the notes/stems appear correctly). Thanks for any and all help, Kevin

afaik, not possible. Besides, that would leave one of the c’s with the stem at the wrong side of the notehead… :slight_smile:

Thanks fratveno, I know, but still this happens in notation, was just looking at Ives’ Concord Sonata where this happens frequently on page 1.

I know :slight_smile: that Sonata would be a nice Dorico excerise …

I’ve tried to enter the first page – headache!

Dorico can indeed not have a stem at the same rhythmic position extending both up and down from a centred beam at the moment. This is something we might be able to add in future; although it’s uncommon, it does crop up in a reasonable amount of 20th century keyboard music (I’ve seen other examples in e.g. Xenakis).

Hi Daniel, Thanks for the response. Please don’t make it a priority on my account, there are at many other features I’d love to see before this! Loving working with Dorico more and more every day that I use it. Kevin