Beaming crossing barline and time signature

Hello fellow Dorico users,

I would like to ask if it is currently possible to achieve what is represented in the below screenshot (i.e. interrupting the beaming when intersecting a Time Signature):

Beam crossing barline and time signature
Thanks a lot in advance for any feedback and/or possible workaround.


Forgive me for asking, but why would you ever want/need to? To my (unsophisticated) eye it is just plain ugly.

Yes? This is not perfect, but I didn’t tweak it past a proof of concept.
Slice 1

I did it by faking the time signature(s) so that the notes in your graphic are actually quarter notes. Then I created a new line style with a thicker beam and attached one each to the two notes printed. In Engrave mode, I tweaked the placement and spacing to get what you see here.

I don’t understand why not one of these:

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If you have to re-engrave a score that has that situation and your client really wants that you have to deliver… moreover it is of personal taste whether that engraving is ugly or just fine… I personally don’t mind it and quite like it.


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Thanks James for the workaround :wink:

Hi Alberto,

Of course what you have presented is the standard but mine was just an enquiry whether that engraving situation was possible in Dorico 3.5… BTW the first option with the stems down is fine but the other is pretty ugly :wink:

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Yes, obviously, it depends on voicing!
Personally I try to be the most faithful to sources, but I don’t mind introducing standards when necessary.