Beaming in 2/2

I can’t seem to find specific beaming rules for 2/2 under Write>Notation Options>Beaming or figure out how to apply the given categories. Is it possible, for example, to specify that eighth notes be beamed in 4’s while at the same time that sixteenths be beamed in 4’s rather than 8’s; that is, as in 4/4?

I’ve had good results using the right settings in Notation Options/Beam Grouping: Quarter Note Denominator in Time Signatures with Half-bars/Break beams at half-bar. This does yield 16ths which are beamed together in groups of 8 with a secondary beam break after 4 16ths. I’ve gotten around this by placing a 4/4 time signature in the second bar and hiding it. This yields both 16ths and 8ths in groups of 4. At the end of the day, it isn’t any more roundabout than when we set Finale’s time signature to display differently than the ‘actual’ TS.

Thanks, Vaughan. That works, and I am glad that Dorico can hide time signatures. However, it doesn’t take care of the first measure, and some very picky person might therefore consider it a less satisfactory workaround than Finale’s. (Not me, of course.) Perhaps there is another way to do it?

In any case, I think that the Beaming options need fleshing out to take care of all cases.

Just confirming that there isn’t currently a better way to do it. The development team have previously acknowledged that Notation Options still needs padding out at some point.

You can assign a key command to Split Beam. Coming from Finale where I used / in Speedy, I assigned Alt+/ in Dorico. Makes the first bar easy to fix as needed.

Have you assigned something else to toggle grace note slashes, Fred?

Thanks, pianoleo and “Fred”. That is my next step: assigning keyboard commands within Dorico and with KM. Yes, the time is ripe for software to finally be able handle all beaming options.

No, I use the numpad /. I’ve actually remapped quite a few things so my hand virtually never has to leave the numpad during input. Alt, Ctrl, and Shift are easy enough to hit without having to look down at the keyboard.

You don’t need to. I have / still for grace notes in note input mode, and / also for “Split beam” when not in note input. It’s context-dependent, so both work predictably for me.

Sure, but I like the ability to split beams immediately after inputting a note, which presumably you no longer have.