Beaming in 5/8

Please help me with this:
I am in 5/8. I would like to group beams in semiquavers, like 4+3+3. I can do it if I change to 10/16, but I would like to stay in 5. 1 quarternote and 2 dotted quavers
See the attached examples:
Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 13.09.01
![Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 13.09.36|256x283]


For similar situations, I use Force Duration and manual beaming in the first bar; then I make a 10/16 time signature for the following bars, and hide the time signature.

For the 10/16, to get the beaming to work, type shift-M to invoke the meter popover; then type


The solution is to insert a [4+3+3]/16 time signature on bar 2 and hide it. And use the beaming options from the edit menu or the context menu, and force duration when needed, on bar 1.
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Thanks a lot, guys. I’ll try it right away.

Be careful where you put this time signature change: it breaks multi-bar rests if you use any in that area of the score. I suppose this is a feature request: hidden time signatures should not break multi-bar rests… It might already be on the backlog, I confess I did not search.


Thanks again. I made it, and it’s just like I wanted it. (Rather irritating detouring process, though… Future versions should offer an easier solution.)

It isn’t perfect yet, but surely it cannot be that irritating. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are right. But it is on my wishlist - along with a playback map like the one i Sibelius where you can specify exactly which bars you want repeated. That said, I don’t miss Sib at all.