Beaming inconsistency

A search of the forum did not result in a topic regarding this issue.

I am working on a project that has many flows. The current flow is in 5/8 time. Certain bars are grouped to the 8th note, while others are grouped in other ways.

I have run into an issue, where the triplets that are present do not beam consistently from bar to bar.

As you can see, in most places the beam grouping “breaks” at the 16th rest in the triplet. In another, it does not. Some of the music was done with “Force Duration” on. Some was not. So I am not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I have gone through, where necessary, and have broken the beams using the right-click menu>beaming>split beam command.

Any thoughts… here is the file in question.


Sight Reading and Audition Etudes - 5-8 (400 KB)

Dear Robby, if I open a .zip you attached, I see this. I couldn’t find some .dorico files there. What I am doing wrong?

He didn’t bother to zip it; he just added “.zip” at the the end of the filename. If you want to open the file, don’t try unzip it; just remove the “.zip”

Thank you pianoleo, I still do not understand how can I open it. My mac unzips this file automatically. So I see in my downloads already a normal folder. I tried to zip this folder again and change his name to .dorico, but Dorico wasn’t able to open this file.

Don’t open the *.zip file. Just rename “zip” to “dorico” an then double click the file. It will open in Dorico.


I believe you need to right-click on the file (on Mac) and chose “Download Linked File”. It should download it as is, then change then rename the file by removing the .zip extension. The MacOS will as if you want to use .dorico or .zip. Choose .dorico, and then it should open.

Just clicking on the file, will force MacOS to try and unzip it.


I must admit, I’ve never understood why people would bother to add .zip to the end of a filename rather than actually zipping it.

  1. Click filename.
  2. Type .zip then enter (five taps)


  1. Right click file
  2. Click compress/zip/archive

Makes no sense to me…

Good point… I guess I never thought about that before.


As I understand it, adding the extension .zip is a subterfuge to allow its upload to this forum. Apparently the forum only allows the attachment of zipfiles and image files.


Sorry that I’ve not responded to this topic sooner. Leaving aside all of the shenanigans concerning the way the file was uploaded to the forum (by the way, it should be possible to upload Dorico project directly without zipping them now), if you do Reset Beaming, you should find that the automatic beaming is consistent: per the settings in Notation Options, the secondary beam is broken at a rest in the middle of the triplet by default (you can change this on Beaming page of Notation Options if you would rather the secondary beams are not broken); if you select the notes either side of the rest and do Edit > Beaming > Beam Together, then the secondary beam will not be broken for the rest. Unfortunately on a percussion staff you can’t then edit that rest in order to do anything sensible to it, so that probably explains the inconsistency, I think.

I looked at the bars in which Force Duration is set, but none of those bars include the first few with the 16th note triplets.

Ok, I tried what you stated Daniel, and clicking on the 16th note triplet in bar 3, and doing reset beaming forces the beam to reappear between the first 8th note and the triplet. I am trying to reproduce an already published file, and the composer wrote it this way for a reason.

I cannot get the beams in the triplets to be the same while I have broken some of the other beams to adhere to how the original looks.