beaming over rest... how not to do this - SOLVED

i don’t want to have beams over rests (as in this example).

there doesn’t seem to be an engraving option to prevent this. is this possible in Dorico
Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 2.07.23 PM.png

It’s in Notation Options, not Engraving Options.

Write / Notation Options / Beam Grouping / Beams and rests.

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thanks Rob. it seems to me this is something that should be in both places. i don’t want Dorico to become like Sibelius… where one has to guess where certain options for notation are located. it seems perfectly reasonable (to me) that “not beaming over rests” should be located in engraving options and if it’s located elsewhere to at least point the user in the right direction.

Engraving Options are global.
Notation Options are flow-specific.
Layout Options are layout-specific.

I’m 99.9% sure the developers spent years thinking about which options went where, and why, and I can’t see why this should be an exception.

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thanks. i guess i’m at a loss to know, de novo, which options are considered ‘global’ as opposed to ‘flow-specific’ and ‘layout-specific’.

Well, the advantage of having it in Notation options is that you can choose different options for different flows in the same project. For example you might want beams over rests by default in one movement of a work, but not in another.

But I agree sometimes you could argue the case either way for where an option ought to be.