Beaming Quavers (eighth notes)

As a long-in-the-tooth Cubase score user and a very recent Dorico user I’m clearly not that fluent with the power options in Dorico, but please hear my plea!

I’ve just imported a Cubase score (in 4/4 time) via Music XML and want to beam the quavers in fours in each half bar instead of in twos as the score is showing me.

I’ve fiddled with all the Beaming options to no avail, and tried time signatures like [2+2]/4; nothing will persuade Dorico to re-beam the quavers (except manually re-beaming them 4-at-a-time).

If however I delete 4 quavers and re-enter them, the beaming works according to the options.

It would seem therefore that I’ve imported some sort of hidden sticky option on the quavers that means they are somehow grouped manually.

Any ideas how can I see and remove this option so they behave like freshly-entered notes?

I don’t have Cubase, so I don’t know how it would beam the notes in its score editor. but try unticking the “beam groups” option in Preferences / MusicXML Import.

In fact, importing MusicXML often works better with all those options unticked, unless you want Dorico to reproduce exactly what is in the MusicXML file.

Have you tried Edit/Beaming/Reset Beaming?

If the beam groups have been overridden, then doing Command-A to select all, then Edit > Beaming > Reset Beaming might help.

Many thanks for your replies - I’ve already re-beamed them all by hand as a workaround as I have a deadline to meet; (setting up a dedicate keystroke for this was a real boon!)

I will open a new project and re-import the MusicXML into that, and try exactly what you suggest - I haven’t remembered what all the items in all the menus and all the panels are, just yet, and I didn’t see that one. As I’m still thinking the way Cubase encouraged, I was wondering if there was a “see hidden items” toggle, but I’m sure my mindset will adapt given a few more projects to edit and lay out.

I have to say that Dorico is proving a pleasure to work with!

The Reset Beaming works a treat - thank you for helping a Dorico Novice find his feet :slight_smile: