Beaming question

Do you recognize this piece?

Here is the solution (Simrock edition):

After using Finale and Sibelius for years, Dorico has become my standard notation program, and I am very happy with it, especially since the update to version 2.2. Now my question: Is it possible to notate something like the Dvořák Humoresque without breaking the second beam? I have tried everything from notation options to right mouse click/beam/unbeam etc., but I can’t find anything.

Is this

what you want to achieve?
What part exactly do you have struggels with?

screenshot made in dorico 2.2; used only the beaming options here:


Thank you, Rob. I have tried it out. Yes, it works. Sometimes the 32th beam becomes too long, and it’s really tedious. For now, it’s an emergency solution, and I hope this will be fixed rather sooner than later.

@Jeff: “dorico_beaming.jpg” is exactly what I don’t want. What I want to achieve is my “Beam_test2.png” which is a scan from the Simrock edition of the Dvořák Humoresques. The point is not that I want to publish a new edition of these pieces, but to find out if such a basic thing is possible or not.

Your “dorico_beaming_2.jpg” has vanished. This seems to be a problem with the forum software, because I had to try several times to place my post without loosing my second image. So please try to post this image again.

This is basically the only beaming pattern I can think of that is impossible to achieve in Dorico, short of using stemlets and then reducing their length so they’re invisible.

It’s also been discussed plenty before.

See here, for example:

I see. And interestingly it’s the same Dvořák example I used (among others). There may be a rule that beams are broken if the rest has not the same length, but I think there is also a level above rules: Let’s call it “expression through notation”. With the broken beams the Dvořák looks much more nervous than it sounds…

I greatly admire how Dorico has grown since version 1.0. And I look forward to the features still coming like figured bass (I know the solution by Florian Kretlow and use it eventually), condensing, guitar tabs etc. As soon as something is implemented, it’s really great.

But at the moment I see (only!) two weak points. One is the above mentioned beaming pattern. The second is the thing with clef changes between repeat barlines, discussed here: which seems to me against the rest of the world. Keyword: Options… These things should be corrected as soon as possible.

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