Beaming settings

I know that the bar as scored (in 3/4 time) in the attached grab is wrong because musicians don’t like to read beams under or over rests. Or, more accurately, it’s a mistake/poor scoring to complicate rests with beams!

But (even) when I try to score the bar note by note (quaver/eighth by quaver/eighth) individually, after the first quaver/eighth rest, Dorico puts the beam in.

Am I misunderstanding the correct notation?

Is there a setting somewhere which I’m not familiar with that controls what looks to me (and to the professional players whom I’ve consulted on this) like errant beaming?

Or something else, please?

Quavers separated by two rests beamed.png

Hi Mark,

That is not necessarily wrong. See Behind Bars page 164
beaming across rests b.jpg
And i guess the settings you are looking for are those in the following image (Notations options/Beam grouping/eight notes…/break beams at beat boundaries)


That’s extremely helpful, Rafael; thank you very much!

I also wonder whether there is a North American preference and a European one.