Beaming special


How can I “beam” in Dorico like in the picture here.
I can not find a way


Select the notes and call the Force Centered Beam command, either via Jump Bar or Edit->Notations->Stem->Force Centered Beam.

Many thank’s
Now I know :slight_smile:

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It has always struck me as odd that Centred Beam options are on the Stems menu and not the Beaming menu.


See this note:

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If you think about it though, it is perhaps more a question of stem direction than beaming; the beaming can be thought of more like a consequence of the stem direction of the different notes in this case, while the beaming options seems to be more oriented at which notes should or should not be beamed together.

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Except that logic does not apply to normal beaming, which will quite happily change stem directions.

Yes indeed. I that case the stem direction becomes a consequence of the beaming.

I also had trouble finding centered beaming when I first looked for it and was surprised to find it under Edit>Notations>Stems. Even though Finale handles centered beaming by using the Reverse Stem Tool it never occurred to me to look under Stems.

Overall, Dorico’s handling of centered beaming, while now thankfully complete, is awkward and could be simplified and made more immediately visible.