Beat agent (GA5) non-melodic styles question

Hi Folks.
Are there packs specifically for Beat Agent that do NOT have melodic segments?
Yes, I know I can disable those by muting pads, but is not the right way, because most of the time beat is evolving / made around those specific “melodic” elements.

Looking for bread & butter variety of vintage, 80s-90’s styles without melodic “whoosh” stuff, that are full styles, which will load across all pads.

Are there such things?

Thank you in advance.

Tried “chat” - nothing useful was said concerning my question.

8 Admins, 3 Dozen moderators
Hundreds… or even Thousands of users…

0 replies for fairly simple “general” question. I am surprised. Not even a try.

Very curious to know, what is the reason for somebody who works for Yamaha / Steinberg not replying?

This is one of the “deadest” and unfriendly forums I have seen. Very discouraging community and senior members participation.
Having owned a couple of steinberg titles, makes me question future purchases, as official support (chat/phone) or semi-official community (this forum) can’t answer basic questions.

Such a shame. Yamaha was one of my favorite brands for many years…

Hi I guess to be able to answer this someone would have to know all the content of the different packs. It is quiet on this part of the forum. You could try asking a question on the Cubase live stream on You Tube. Greg Ondo seems to know just about everything.
All the best

I thank you for your time and lead! Perhaps I was wrong thinking that a veteran member would step in at some point to clarify, or answer my question in a particular product focused forum space.