Beat Attached Repeat Ending Brackets?

Windows 10, Dorico 3.1

Is it possible to change the attachment point of repeat ending brackets to different beats in a measure? In Write Mode, it seems you can only move them to the start of measures with them being attached to the first beat.


Is there a way to achieve this via workarounds?
Is it possible to hide barlines or make them invisible/not show?

Welcome to the forum, George. You can’t attach a repeat ending to anything other than a barline, I’m afraid, but you can nudge the graphical position of each end of the bracket in Engrave mode. Can you tell me a bit more about your requirements? There may be another way to achieve what you’re looking for.

Hi Mr. Spreadbury,

I’m trying to achieve this partial-measure repeat ending bracket found in Bach’s organ chorale No. 27 “Christ lag in Todesbanden.”

I realize I can restate the full two measures for ending 1 & 2, but wondering if there is a way to achieve this that “works” both visually and functionally (i.e. playback). I’m sort of testing Dorico’s capabilities here.
Bach No. 27.jpg

As long as you don’t need to use a dashed barline elsewhere in your project, you can accomplish this pretty easily:

Dorico doesn’t have a true hidden barline unfortunately, but you can have consecutive 2/4 bars with the time signature hidden. Use a dashed barline between the two bars where the ending is on the second 2/4 bar, then set Engraving Options/Barlines/Design/#7 Dash Length to 0 to effectively have a hidden barline. It will then both display and play back correctly. For publication, I would probably tweak the spacing there as I think the invisible barline is throwing it off a bit.

Thanks, Fred! That works.

A shame there aren’t local settings for barlines.

It also would be great if Dorico could just add a hidden barline feature. This is the second time I’ve had to use the 0 length dash workaround in the past two days (this thread and the manuscript paper thread) so this would be a very useful feature in these situations.