Beat Calculator


I want to make sure that does Cubase AI5 has the beat calculator itself ?
I can’t find it under the project tab.I need to switch on a tool or try to another feature for this version, maybe.
If you have an information about it I’ll appreciate.

Thank you

If you don’t see the option under the project menu, it’s not there. Is it mentioned anywhere in your manual?

No, not mentioned.
But there is no information that Cubase AI5 OEM version has no beat calculator tool within the website. If I don’t have this feature how can I measure my tempo after the performance ? Is it necessary to upgrade ?

Well, before DAW’s we used to use a stopwatch and count the beats.

Well, thank you but I am a newbie :slight_smile:
I don’t know enough information about DAW. Here is the scenario.
I have an old record which was produced by my friend - with an mp3 player :slight_smile: I imported the file into the project and play the drums on to it. Well, at first sight everything was OK but there was of course slight problems in the tempo because my friend is just a lead guitarist and she might sway sometimes, it’s a normal.
Anyway, I couldn’t get the “drums only part” from the project regularly.
So, I was thinking that I can arrange the tempo with using beat calculator but…

Any suggestions ?
Thank you

That’s not something Beat Calculator can fix. Beat Calculator is mostly for determining which tempo you desire with the tap tempo function. Maybe the tempo track could help with this.

godo: Tempo detection panel in Cubase 6. click here

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: Split — I think we used " STOP WATCHES" to. It works :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Plus I used for many years my Alesis SR-16 Drum machines TAP TEMPO FEATURE for this.
It’s the STOP button on it. I would watch the tempos change on the display–then write them down on paper.
Sometimes it would take a couple of run throughs. It worked though. Tempo Detection panel
in Cubase 6 is the way to do it IMO. :wink:

halljack : I haven’t got Cubase 6. I am still using Cubase AI5 version and will check this feature whether it has or not.
I guess I should explore tempo track (?) tool first but I’m not sure that it works.


godo: So your trying to play Live Drums to a Pre-recorded track-- is this right :question:

godo: An old trick of mine (4-track Days) was to “TAP ON MY KNEE” to the beat of a song and mic it. Record it to a spare track (HUMAN METRONOME). It gave the Drummer something to play to when the tempos varied.

Worked for Me :wink:

But these days the TEMPO DETECTION PANEL in Cubase 6 can do this – plus it could smooth
out the tempos in your friends tracks if there not to far out of time.

Just a Thought

Jack :slight_smile:

Really Tap Tempo is just a cheat. Normally your tempo is something common like 80, 100, 110, 120, 140, or 160 bpm. That’s the few I always try first when trying to choose a tempo without Beat Calculator. I’ve found that irregular tempos are rather tricky to play to. :open_mouth:

So your goal is to sound like a robot? That’s cool … I guess :confused: . Have you ever actually played with other humans as a group? The push and pull of the tempo can give a song a build up and release of tension. Variety of tempo and dynamics is what keeps music interesting!

godo: The second half of this Steinberg video talks about
the TEMPO DETECTION PANEL in Cubase 6 – and what can be done with it. :wink:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

A robot can play music perfectly! I do add tempo variation throughout my songs, but all this “humanizing” crap just isn’t for me! :slight_smile: