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Cubase 13. Not a big problem. Beat designer graphic problem. Add a new beat, remove the beat and the background grid also gets removed. … I just think Steinberg should know.

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Really you need a screenshot. The background is a grid. When you remove the best the background grid of that beat is also removed. What screenshot do you need. The grid or the removed grid. Or of course you could just try it and see for yourself which of course would take less time than me uploading a screenshot of a grid or not a grid. This is the problem with the Steinberg forum. I’ll stick to the FB pages from now on. Johnny I’m not even saying what I really think of you but I’m sure you can read between the lines. Thanks for playing.

I don’t have Cubase 13, so I can’t try it.
Furthermore a screenshot makes it very clear to see what’s going on for anybody else, especially developers.

You can just paste a screenshot from the clipboard directly into a message. You don’t even need to create a file (if your internet computer is also your Cubase computer).

Of course, you don’t have to it. It is your choice.


@Mrhehon, this is what the Beat Designer look like on my side.

What’s wrong with it, please?

Not sure that it’s what @Mrhehon is talking about, but there is indeed a strange graphical behavior in Beat Designer. I created a rudimentary pattern, with 4 kick and 4 snare hits, clicking on the relevent lanes. I have this :

After this, I removed three hits (1 kick and 2 snare), and I got this :

Something seems wrong to me…


That’s why the screenshot from @Mrhehon would be really helpful.

Interesting… But I cannot reproduce this on my side, so far.

If I remember well, you are on a MacOS system. So, I’m just wondering if this isn’t a Windows related graphical incompatibilty…

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I’ve checked it here on Win10&11, can’t reproduce it too.



Do you use HiDPI screen?

What graphical card are you using ? Here, it’s a rather basic AMD Radeon RX550…

No, I have a 2560 x 1440 display at 100%, used with a AOC 32" monitor.

Checked on a Radeon RX580 and a GeForce RTX 3050.

Strange… :thinking:

I’m on Mac, and if you resize the Beat Designer plugin window to certain sizes it can glitch a little bit when you remove notes, but it’s just losing the borders of the grid for me:

When you resize the window again it clears itself.

Can’t get that yellow bordered effect though, on those screenshots above, the yellow borders seem to stray between lanes too.


Confirmed !

Indeed, when resizing the window horizontally, the grid is restored as it should be. So, there is a graphical issue in Beat Designer itself, it seems…

Yeah, I’ve just checked it here too, on a brand new project, because my previous testing was done on an older project. Upon erasing a beat, the upper grid line of the erased beat gets erased as well. Here I have the 5th and 7th beat erased.

As a workaround until this is fixed, I see that if I click on “reverse” things get back to normal, so with another “reverse” the drawing is OK.


My studio computer is not on the internet
So it is in fact a bother. My screenshot will look just like some of the others on this thread where the border lines of the grid disappear when you remove or change a beat. I took the time to post this as I thought Steinberg might be interested in addressing it before 13.0.20. It’s no big deal to me if they do or don’t. Just for info it’s on windows 11.

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Is it possible, this is the known graphical issue mentioned in the Release Notes?

Excerpt that seems related, from here (Known issues section) :

On Windows only, unusual graphical artifacts may appear on the user interface under certain circumstances. We will resolve this issue with the next maintenance update.

So, it could be, yes…

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