Beat Designer is opening in full screen mode?

Why is it opening in full screen mode, and I can’t shrink it, or resize it. Help please.


Anyone else having this problem?

Screenshot (4).png

Yes, it’s annoying. I think beat designer is a built-in window, like the mixer, connections window, pool and so on.
It makes no sense though, since all other inserts open in a small, fixed-size window.

Cubase has a couple quirks like this. For example, opening the fades editor causes the arranger to lose maximized state.

I just don’t understand, how long has cubase been making products? Why are there still idiotic situations occurring?

When fixing issues the main question is “will this make us more profit?”. If the answer is that something else would be more profitable, it is logical to do that.

I guess not enough people are using Beat Designer / Step Designer for this to be a priority issue.
They didn’t even fix the AudioWarp mixdown issue since C6 which I believe more people are using, so I won’t hold my breath about the Beat Designer.

And again. We need new windows handling system in Cubase. Good news is that Helge mentioned they do that in future version. I hope that will be Cubase 8.

Yeah, I know that people have had an issue with cubase windows in the past, I understand that Steinberg wants to make money, but they should concentrate on making the Best possible product, and they should listen to customer requests, because without us, Steinberg is nothing

yes, it happens to me too

has anyone got an answer to this after all these years? I’m trying to use beat designer with cubase 7 and having all these problems. definitely won’t be upgrading if they can’t even sort this out