Beat Designer Lane names do not appear to be correct?

Hi I mostly use loops for my drums but on this particular track I need to use teh beat designer. However after loading the beta designer as an insert the effect editor opens BD but does not show the correct names, I have looked in the manual but can’t see the wood for the trees. Any help would be much appreciated.

I think you mean the drum MAP does not correspond to YOUR samples?

I have NO IDEA why the channels in BD dont correspond to what is being triggered!? Anyway, it only reads Drum Maps, not whatever sample its triggering, so create some. I believe I saw a video tutorial specific to this on youtube, but theres not much to doing it. Once you create it/them, its always there and will save you LOADS of time if you use the same samples often. Hope this helps. If not, sorry.

Sorry for late reply SirJoseph! I either missed the email notification of your answer or forgot to get back to you, either way please accept my apologies and thanks for answering.

I really need to look at the drum map issues I have had cubase 5 since it was first released and still have not got around to properly understanding the drum maps and there application. I have also just started to look at the Control room as a way of monitoring, I have lost count of the amount of times I have expoeted a mixdown and forgot to bring the master fader back to export level, but that’s another story.

I should set aside one hour a week to learn extra bits of Qbase that would certainly increase me productivity and experience of using the software.

I will have a look today at the videos!

Youtube video, I will try this method!