Beat Designer - no sound on Pattern ?

Hello Forum ,

I have used Cubase for some years now but I am new to the use of Beat Designer .

I have set up a track with Grove Agent SE in it and opened an insert with Beat Designer . I have selected a Pattern from Beat Designer and pressed the Play button and although it shows a moving “bar” travelling above the beat pattern there is no sound output. If I press the left side of each of the instruments shown in beat designer they will audition their sound correctly and if I drag and drop a pattern from the "white panels " at the bottom of beat designer into the project window these play back correctly as well but I am unable to audition the patterns by pressing the Play button on the project window transport panel ??

Maybe it is a problem with the Midi channel setup but if so why do the individual notes audition but not the entire patterns ?

Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help me with this .

Cubase Pro 9 / Groove agent SE4 / Mac Pro / El Capitan 10.11.6


Make sure you trigger correct pattern from MIDI, please.

Hello Martin ,

Thanks for the reply . I have realised that I have used the wrong term of "Pattern " where I should have been using the word " Preset " . In Groove Agent I can get the Patterns to play properly but it is in Beat Designer where there are the Presets that I can not get them to play properly . Your reply made me realize my mistake of using the wrong word but I still cannot get the beat designer Presets to output sound when I select a preset and then press the project window transport " Play " . I hope I am explaining this correctly .

Thanks ,

While playback open Groove Agent and observe the pads. You should see some pads are triggered. Make sure, there is a sound (sample) loaded on these pads. If not, transpose the Beat Designer preset to send wanted MIDI data.